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Going to a gym definitely improves not only your fitness but also overall health. A gym is a great way to burn all that flab, develop lean muscle mass, tone up, gift good health to your heart, and meet like-minded people. So it's important to choose a good gym. A proper gym means exercise, diet, good trainers who can motivate and expert guidance that helps in the long run. Cardiovascular exercises are proven to keep your body healthy, while boosting happy hormones that keep your mind relaxed.

All of these, that too in the heart of the City, are available only at Energy Fitness. Designed personally by Najeeb to give members a feel of a sports arena, the well-equipped gym at Energy Fitness offers members a chance to indulge in cardio and strenth training with some state-of-the-art machines. Trained instructors are at hand to offer you tips on how to use the machines the right way and watch over you to keep you injury-free.

You can also opt for personal training for a more intensive approach to achieve your fitness goals. Separate locker and shower facilities are available for men and women. A well-ventilated and bright gym floor, informed instructors and great music - all of these ensure to give you a great headstart to your day through exercise.


strength, speed, stamina Being one of the first independent aerobics centres of Bangalore comes with its share of responsibility - of providing consistency in standards and constant efforts to better itself. Energy Fitness has lived up to its reputation of providing one of the best aerobics centres in the City. Over five days every week, members experience the complete range of aerobic workouts such as cardio, step, kickboxing, Bollyaerobics, dancercise and circuit training. Aerobic means "with oxygen" and the workouts at Energy are designed to maximise this need for a healthy you.

The benefits of aerobic exercises are many. Stronger muscles, strong heart, strong immune system, a range of exercises that you can choose from depending on your age and capability, ailments notwithstanding, a good respiratory system, the best form exercise to burn calories and body fat - you can't go worng with aerobics. And what better way to get fit than with a group class. It's fun, there are like-minded fitness conscious people, a range of beats get your spirits up and the world is at your feet, quite literally!

At Energy Fitness, which pioneered aerobics workouts way back when the fitness industry was still in its infancy in Bangalore, the group classes are well conducted by experienced, watchful instructors who give top priority to safety of members, along with ensuring a complete workout. Classes are conducted five days a week Monday through Friday, in 2 morning batches and 3 evening batches. Check for students concessions and special offers when you enroll.


Among the many feathers that Energy Fitness wears in its hat, is the Spinning Studio, which was a first-of-its-kind for any independent fitness centre in Bangalore. Set up in 2007, the Spinning Studio is housed in the mezzanine floor. It has 10 spinning bikes and classes are conducted twice week with two sessions in the morning and evening.

Spinning is ideal for off-season workouts. You are on a stationary bike but you get reap the benefits of a highly satisfying outdoor workout. An instructor guides you through various stages from warm-up to peak effort and cool down, as you pedal away by increasing the resistance according to your threshold. All of this with a play of lights and music to motivate you. Try it at Energy; you just might get addicted to it!

Power Yoga

Power yoga has become the latest mantra for fitness and everybody from the celebrity to the aam aadmi is either reaping the benefits of yoga in some form or other. Energy Fitness offers power yoga classes thrice a week in five batches - three in the morning and two in the evening. Power yoga is a modified form of Ashtanga Yoga, a fusion style that blends functional yoga with flexibility training, resulting in better performance of mind and body. Power Yoga is also known as Dynamic Yoga because it empowers not only the body for physical endurance, but also brings about mental stability, discipline and concentration.

A typical Power Yoga class at Energy Fitness begins with a set of warm-up exercises designed to loosen up those muscles. This is followed by a set of Surya Namaskars (sun salutations) which involves the traditional yogic Surya Namaskars coupled with flexibility and strength training. This is followed up with a series of theme-based sequences which vary with each class, so that no two classes are the same.

Finally, the class tapers off with relaxation asanas and Pranayam. In this fast-paced age where lifestyles can cause much stress, a power yoga class can refresh and rejuvenate you almost instantly. It is highly beneficial in removing toxins through sweat, helps get rid of obesity, heals disorders like acidity, sleep deprivation, helps to cope better with asthma, bronchitis and sinusitis, hypertension and menstrual disorders and increases your calorie-burning capacity. Enroll for a Power Yoga class today at Energy Fitness and experience a new you!


Judo literally means "the gentle way". It is a modern close combat martial art form and an Olympic sport which originated in Japan in 1882. The sport has found many takers in India too, which has produced many champions both at the national and at international levels. Perhaps one of the country's best known judokas, Aga Najeeb Mirza, is Bangalore's very own medallist who made not only Karnataka proud, but also put India on the international medals tally.

Najeeb won India its first international silver medal in Judo at the Asian Championships and repeated the feat in the Commonwealth Games, both in 1995. He also represented the country at the Atlanta Olympics, 1996, besides collecting medal hauls at various other international and national events. Seven-time national champion, Najeeb is also the recipient of many awards including the prestigious Prime Minister's awards for excellence in sports. Now you can reap the advantage of learning Judo from the expert right here in the heart of Bangalore, at Energy Fitness. Classes are conducted by Najeeb Mirza on weekends, in two separate batches, for adults and children.

The Judo studio at Energy Fitness is the only private training centre for the sport in Bangalore. Students trained here have participated in and won laurels at several local Judo meets. National and international judokas who visit Bangalore also make use of the facility at Energy for their training. The practice of Judo develops agility, sharp mental powers and develops strong moral attitude. Call Energy Fitness for details and give yourself and your children the advantage of self-defence in today's world.


True to its name, Energy Fitness is all about energising you, whether it is through a rigorous cardiovascular regime in the gym or aerobics floor or through the more enjoyable form of exercise - dancing. Yes, dancing! At Energy, periodic workshops are conduted by experts in various dance forms, notably Bollywood freestyle and Latin dances such as Latin Jazz and Salsa. Wokshops are also conducted in Belly Dancing, Zumba, and the like by experts in the field.

One such is master dance trainer Rony Pinto from Coimbatore who conducts exclusive Latin dance workshops for members of Energy Fitness, twice a year. These workshops are open to non-members also. Similarly, Bollywood dance workshops are conducted regularly throughout the year. Next time you want to learn those killer moves, put on your dancing shoes, call Energy Fitness for details about your favourite dance workshops and dance away to gift your body a fresh dose of good health!

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