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About Energy Fitness

Over fifteen years ago, in 1999, a small aerobics studio was the foundation of the fitness success story that is Energy Fitness. This was the result of a spirited venture which rode on a dream to create an environment for fitness far exceeding the usual fitness regimes commonly on offer. Currently, Energy Fitness has spread to many locations owing to a robust expansion strategy and intense public demand, along with a number of feathers added to its cap.

On enrolling with us, each of our patrons are spoilt for choice with an entire spectrum of fitness options such as
  • Aerobics
  • Gymnasium
  • Dance
  • Spinning
  • Power Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Judo
  • Pro-Fitness
  • Mixed Martial Arts

There’s more for everyone who sweat it out in the gymnasium or in the studio – the R>>FUEL Cafe, with its unique spread of health drinks, herbal teas and scrumptious sandwiches, an invitation to relax and unwind. In addition to the R>>FUEL Cafe, there’s a recreation area complete with chess and foosball. Workout nutrition is also a vital part of your exercise regime. Hence, the nutritionist and dietician at Energy Fitness is available for consultation to help you manage your nutrition intake – to make you look and feel healthy, always.

Fitness merchandise from Energy Fitness is all you need to top off your fitness routine. Look stylish with cool colours and superb fits – as you focus on your workout! Two other impressive facts about Energy Fitness is that the centre boasts of a single floor area of 10,000 square foot and is associated to studios on the same floor, and it’s the only private Judo training centre in Bangalore. Judo and spinning classes are conducted by Aga Najeeb Mirza on a regular schedule. With so much on offer, Energy Fitness is certainly ‘THE’ place to energise your mind and body through a variety of fitness and nutrition solutions. So go ahead and Live Organic!

Accessing Energy Fitness is a breeze. The gymnasium and studio is situated conveniently in the heart of the bustling cosmopolitan city of Bangalore on Jasma Bhavan Road. Flanked by Cunningham Road, Miller’s Road and Queens Road, Energy Fitness is literally at the ‘centre’ of the city and more importantly, your fitness needs.

Energy Fitness is conceptualized and managed by Olympian Judoka Aga Najeeb Mirza who put India in the international podium by winning a silver medal for Judo at the Asian Championships in the mid-90s. This is apart from the many accolades he has received while representing the city and the state in various Judo competitions.









Why Choose Energy Fitness?

Let The Experts Guide You

When Aga Najeeb Mirza formulated the plan to launch Energy Fitness, he made sure that the people who enrolled with Energy Fitness left every session with a smile on their face and feeling as fit as possible! Being an experienced Olympian Judoka, Najeeb and his band of highly qualified trainers and instructors bring to this fitness centre years of dedication combined with expertise. All this targeted at getting your heart pumping and your mind feeling good!

It’s Not Just Exercise, It’s A Way Of Life

Physical fitness, mental well being and a stress free life are all inter-related. A fast paced environment and strict deadlines may impose a lot of strain on the mind and body. But, worry not. Energy Fitness is certainly here to transform your life with a spectrum of fitness related activities including dance, aerobics, spinning, judo, yoga and Mixed Martial Arts. It’s not a case of ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’ anymore. With Energy Fitness, it’s a case of ‘where there’s fitness, there’s a way’.

Multiple Activities Multi-Level Fitness

Multiple fitness classes in addition to the gymnasium provides an opportunity to everyone at Energy Fitness to enjoy a ‘holistic - 360°’ fitness regime. There is also option to choose personalized high impact fitness and training programs conceptualized by Aga Najeeb that are a notch above the routine fitness programs. Additionally, Najeeb could train you in Judo or you can also opt for dance, aerobics or power yoga, that is if you’re not already enrolled yourself into Mixed Martial Arts!

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Head Trainer

with 7 year of experience, specialised in CrossFit/ body pump/ personal training with result oriented programmes.


Head Trainer

specialised in weight loss, functional training muscule strength etc with 5 years of experience.


Head Floor trainer

BPEd 3 years of experience (Head Floor trainer) excert in helping and assisting in achieving results loved byall members for his support.


Senior Head Trainer

with 10 years of experience, specialied in strength training, weight loss, muscle gain, body toning, giving what you ask for.